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Sound Bath Meditation

Sounds heal. Consider ultrasound used by paramedics and physiotherapists to break up scar tissue and detect subdermal blockages. How about chiropractors and EMTs using tuning forks to discover and heal abnormalities? Crystal, metal and other natural elements make up the form of the instruments that heal. Our voices too have healing abilities. The vibrato or vibration can literally strike a chord and resonate with us. Healing sounds change our cell structure. Extensive studies have been done by Dr. Masaro Emoto, Dr. John Beaulieu, Eileen Day McCusick and many others on how sounds heal.

When you immerse yourself in a sound bath meditation, through relaxing and connecting with your healing intention, sounds bring you toward an optimal state of wellbeing. Why not register for a sound bath meditation near you? Monthly sound baths are available at Donacarney Community Centre or you can check the Sound Healing Academy’s list of practitioners to see if you can find one offering sound bath meditations near you.

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