Spirit Soul Sounds offers healing sound bath meditations near you.

Group Sound Bath Meditation

Enjoy an hour away to rest, relax, restore, and renew. Lying on a mat or seated, absorb the healing frequencies of crystal and tibetan singing bowls, wind gong, shamanic drum, bells and chimes.

Group sound bath meditation ireland

Individual Sound Healing

Experience tailored attention to your healing intention. Shift and restore yourself toward optimal wellbeing through healing sound. Using high and low frequencies created with drum, gong, vocal toning, tuning forks and singing bowls, arise relaxed and renewed.

Distance Sound Healing

As energy knows no space, distance or time, it can be shared from wherever we are. Offering Zoom Sound Baths and individual sound healing online. This is as effective as in person sound healing, using frequency and intention to support your healing process.

I attended a sound bath evening and found it to be a truly wonderful experience – it gave me the chance to relax and bring myself back to a place of calm..

ā€” Suella Holland

Great sound bath experience – calming your body and mind but at the same time it all becomes vibrant and alert.

ā€” Liudmila Ivanova

Enjoy Em’s meditation on Insight Timer

Would you like to save on your next Sound Bath? Bring a buddy for a wee discount:

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